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Ronnie's passion for dancing began when he watched the movie Breakdance as an 18 year old. He also loved watching every Michael Jackson video he could get his hands on. From that time on Ronnie became a dance floor staple in any setting where there was music and  was always out on the floor busting a move. When he was old enough to go to clubs, Ronnie would visit the Montreal dance clubs 3-4 nights per week and dance all night long to the point of exhaustion. This pattern has continued for the past 2 decades as he now lives in Vancouver, BC.

Ronnie has always been careful not to copy others but to make up his own moves as he went along. His career as a kickboxing instructor has also played a significant part in his agility and performance. He has become notorious in the Vancouver Club scene and is often asked to pose for pictures with strangers. In recent years he has gained the interest of celebrities such as Wesley Snipes and Cuba Gooding Jr. who have encouraged him to stay on his performance path.

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